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Reclaim Your Yard from Crickets

You work hard to maintain your lawn – don’t let crickets ruin all of your hard work! Temperature changes can also cause crickets to seek shelter in your home. At Elite Termite & Pest Control, we will help you address all of your cricket problems. We know that these noisy insects can be a nuisance as well as a cause of damage to your garden. We provide cricket control solutions in Quincy. We also provide cricket extermination services in neighboring areas including Adams County, Adair County, and more. We offer both extermination and prevention services so that you don’t have to worry about crickets any longer.

We are pleased to offer free home inspections for cricket problems. Give us a call at (217) 242-7909 or contact us online to schedule your free inspection today!


Types of Crickets

There are a few common types of crickets that can invade your home or yard, including:

  • House cricket
  • Field cricket
  • Mole cricket
  • Camel or humpback cricket

House crickets and field crickets are the most common types of crickets you might find in your home or on your property. House crickets are a grayish-brown color while field crickets are a darker brown color. If you start seeing crickets in your home, don’t wait to give us a call! Our team of highly trained technicians is ready and able to help you get rid of this pesky problem.

How to Get Rid of Crickets

It can be extremely frustrating trying to tackle a cricket infestation on your own. Because crickets go silent when they feel threatened or sense danger, they can be very difficult to track down. Trust the experts at Elite Termite & Pest Control to do the hard work for you. We perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate the infestation and use top-of-the-line products to eliminate crickets.

There are other measures you can take to keep crickets at bay once we’ve eradicated them. Make sure to maintain your yard to limit the amount of tall grass, weeds, and other vegetation that serve as a cozy home for these insects. Limit the amount of moisture in your home, as this can attract crickets.

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“Very professional and prompt service! Great people for all your pest problems!”

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“I had a termite infestation in my home and called Elite Termite and Pest Control. They were very professional and did a wonderful job.”

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Choose Elite Termite & Pest Control for Top Quality Cricket Control

Elite Termite & Pest Control is proud to provide high-quality cricket extermination services in Quincy. For over 25 years, we have helped our neighbors take care of all of their pest problems. With a team of certified technicians at our side, we’ll help you keep your home pest-free for many years to come.

For more information about cricket removal and prevention services, please call (217) 242-7909 or contact us online today.