How Do Pest Control Specialists Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Spraying for bugs

Trying to control and exterminate bed bugs yourself is not easy. Luckily, bed bug exterminators can help. In the past year, 97% of pest control professionals have treated bug beds and a majority say the amount of bed bug service work and the prevalence of bed bugs are increasing, according to But how do pest control specialists get rid of bed bugs? Keep reading to find out about the four different treatments they use to exterminate bed bugs.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is good for large infestation of bed bugs like in homes or hotels. For this type of treatment, the internal temperature of the house or hotel is raised to a level that bed bugs cannot survive. Since heat is non-toxic, this treatment is safe for people and animals that are pets. Since the heat treatment penetrates walls and other surfaces, it is effective to get rid of bed bugs in hard-to-reach places.

Steam Treatment

Steam treatment is similar to heat treatment but is used in smaller spaces than an entire house or hotel. It's better for a single room or piece of furniture. This treatment is good for mild infestation and is also a non-toxic solution, making it safe for people and pets.

Chemical Treatment

With non-toxic options available, chemical treatments are a less common way to get rid of bed bugs. These treatments are effective for minor infestations or spot treatments. They'll require one or two follow-up visits to effectively exterminate the bed bugs.

Preventative Options

Products like mattress encasements are popular solutions for avoiding bed bug infestations. Also, be mindful of what you bring into your home like clothes from vacation and used furniture. These items could be infested, so always wash your clothes immediately when you return home and inspect used furniture before you bring it into your home. When used with other methods, preventative options will help you avoid infestations.

With the increasing number of bed bug infestations lately, having your home inspected for bed bugs by a bed bug extermination service is a good idea and can help you catch a problem early. Call your local bed bug exterminators today to learn more about our bed bug extermination services

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